Spencer Krug - Fading Graffiti
Spencer Krug - Fading Graffiti
Spencer Krug - Fading Graffiti

Spencer Krug - Fading Graffiti

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Spencer Krug’s Fading Graffiti is an experiment in two ways. The first is the way in which it reimagines what were once intricate piano ballads — originally posted to the artist’s Patreon page over the course of 2019 — into full-band rock songs. The approach finds the songs brimming with new electricity, yet still alluring in their abstract lyricism and unconventional structures. The second experiment: this is Krug’s first self-release, through a tiny operation called Pronounced Kroog, with the aforementioned Patreon used to help fund the creation of the album. Being the first LP released under his own name, Fading Graffiti marks a new way of making records for this songwriter.

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Packaging Notes
140gram pressing in black, comes in a 20pt jacket printed on reverse board, with a printed inner sleeve. Packaged in poly bag. Album cover collaborator: Mauro Dalla Costa. Inner sleeve photo: aitso

Fading Graffiti
Winter Sings to Fall
Having Discovered Ayahuasca
River River
Wasted Energy
The Moon and The Dream
Serena's Kills
One at a Time
Pin a Wing Above the Door

Running time: 36 minutes

Spencer Krug: acoustic guitar, piano, vocals
Jordan Koop: electric guitar
Adrienne Humblet: bass guitar
Nicholas Merz: pedal steel guitar
Eli Browning: drums

Recorded and mixed at The Noise Floor by Jordan Koop. Produced by Jordan Koop and Spencer Krug. Mastered by Philip Gosselin at Le Lab Mastering.

This album is a full-band reimagining of songs that were originally solo works posted to patreon.com/spencerkrug throughout 2019