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Hey hey! We’re raising money to launch this thing.

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but, uh… travel costs are going up. And apparently when Sunset Rubdown disbanded thirteen years ago we didn't think to set aside 4K in startup funds in case we should ever decide to reunite. So, as this tour is definitely happening now, we’ve schemed up a little fundraising campaign to help with pre-tour costs; things like flights, rehearsal spaces, hotels, van deposits, even instruments. 

These 8x8 screen printed posters are based on T-shirt and album art from Sunset Rubdown one-point-o; pretty little pieces of framable nostalgia for your wall, and we’re selling them for $30 CAD (roughly $22 USD), with ALL PROFITS going toward startup costs for our reunion tour in March, 2023. 

Basically, we’d like to begin the unexpected part two of this creative journey NOT in debt, so we’re hoping to trade some posters for some seed capital. If you like the look of any of these posters, and you consider helping Sunset Rubdown to get back on the road a good cause, then buy it! Collect them all! (There’s only three.) 

Find more details about posters themselves in the product description. And thanks!

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